How we can help?

Delivery date and time

You can choose date and time of the delivery of your gifts. We do offer same day delivery but it’s always better to place your order atleast 2 days in advance. That way we could serve you better and you have more options to customize your order as per your needs. Many times due to large number of orders you might see few time slots disabled. To avoid such scenarios it’s advised to place order 2-3 days in advance.

Talk to us

You can find the perfect gift yourself or talk to our gift connoisseurs who can help you. Gift Connoisseurs is our team who has very good taste in gifting. They can help you find the perfect gift for every person and every occasion.

What makes us special

Our specialization resides in cakes and flowers delivery across Bangalore & soon we will be Chennai as well. We make sure that we got it covered for you. As cakes and flowers are synonyms for any kind of celebration, our team put special efforts to make sure the timely, fresh and safe delivery of these products in entire Bangalore and soon in Chennai. On top of that, we made it sure that customer always gets great quality cakes and flowers at reasonable prices. Besides that, services like midnight delivery, liberty to choose delivery date and time, and highly supportive customer support staff makes us stand apart.

So many relations, so many reasons to love and celebrate.
Surprise them, gift them and celebrate the uniqueness of very relation with The Bread House. So, go ahead and order cake online.


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